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Simulator Pacient SimMan 3G (2010)

Simulator Pacient SimMan 3G (2010)
In case We choose mannequin, We should to do analysis needs. We use this simulator Simman 3G (2010) in teaching practice of medical faculty. Pursuant to analysis needs, We have equipment and parameters requirements:
  • Theme classes --> life function of mannequin
  • Competences of instructor --> software and scenarios
  • Number of students and instructors --> classes time 
The full service classes of simman 3G (2010) set requirements:
  • mannequin
  • instructors computer to control mannequin
  • computer AVS to control video cameras
  • for example 4 video cameras
  • computer to control pacients monitor
  • pacients monitor
  • computer tokomputer do de briefing, the large screen LCD 
  • loudspeakers, microphones, mixer

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