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Tactical Medicine

"In addition to the development of new resuscitation strategies, surgical 
techniques, pharmaceuticals and other adjuncts, the military and emergency medicine communities continue to champion innovation in first responder and combat medic training and seek the means to provide effective medical direction to the incipient “Combat Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system.”           (from: Fundamentals of combat casualty care, US Army)"

"Being able to provide care for a casualty while under the most extreme of conditions is not a skill taught by standard EMT and Paramedic schools.(from: http://comedsolutions.com/training)

"Medical protocols for the tactical medic must be geared toward keeping the tactical operator in a condition capable of continuing toward their mission objectives. "(from http://www.emsworld.com/article/10604181/tactical-ems)

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2014-04-14 | 21:22

What about TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) ?

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2014-04-14 | 21:23

You know: Tactical Emergency Medical Service (TEMS)?

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