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What is Medical Simulation

Medical Simulation is branch of education which dynamically develop and applicable simulation technology. It is broad term, applicable education medical tests by means of standard patients (actors), simple simulation mannequins and advance technology simulation mannequins. It applicable lessons simple service medical patients (incubation, punctures intravenous)  

The Medical Simulation is used in medical, nursing, rescue education and in army.
Main objective Medical Simulation is education medical tests and safety of patients. At the beginning there was sceptical opinions of it. There was opinions „We can not faithfully reflect human. Now achievements of this branch challenge aforesaid thesis.
Now complex human simulators can reflect cough, cry out in pain, vomit imitation vomiting, bleed imitation blood explicitly. This simulators can cause the students will be under severe stress and the students will act at once.  Later in reality during medical tests and seeing patients will not be mistakes and will be skilful help.
It is true, pursuant to scientific research we know trainee doctors which used aforesaid programme, will not do mistakes and will do skillful help.
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