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Your strategy and benefits

Your strategy and benefits

The portal is basically ready in beta version but it is not all yet. We will be implement next instruments.
You can interest this portal and you can deal with details this portal. You can have one’s place in this portal. Your work is financially rewarding in future.
Strategic functionalities and parametersYou should know them, when you will have benefits.

1. Your place – this is thematic website, article (examples).

* This place bring benefits to You, For example advertisement on your website.
* If you want, you will sell your place, because your right to moderate is our value.

2. Your statistics - You'll find them in the preview your profile

* We count them from the very beginning. We will select people, which they will the most active on the basis of statistics.  
* You do not exaggerate to write commentaries, We will suspect you of manipulation.

to be continued…
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